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This is the Story of Three Boys

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Name:Story of Three Boys (SOTB/TitSoaB)
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Community description:A work of epic Glee fanfiction
This is the Story of Three Boys
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Once upon a time, at the beginning of the hiatus between seasons 2 and 3 of Glee, patchfire wrote a short story called Perfect Gift. A little while later, she wrote another story, called Commencing. She decided that it would be neat to write the story of how Puck and Kurt got from point A to point B, and somewhere in the middle, This is the Story of a Boy (or TitSoaB) was born. Somewhere along the way, those boys realized that things weren't quite complete without Finn -- over 2 million words later, we present to you this massive undertaking, our beautiful monstrosity, Story of Three Boys.

DISCLAIMER: Glee is the "intellectual" property of RIB/Fox/etc., but we've clearly gone fairly far afield by this point.
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