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One Last Time, One Last Fight [complete series]
Series Title: One Last Time, One Last Fight
Series Notes: A canon-divergent transmedia experimental fix-it fic project.
Series Rating: G through NC-17
Series Warnings: Canonical character death, Grief/Mourning, Mental Breakdown/Mental Health Issues
Series Summary: It wasn't the first time Finn disappeared, but it was the first time he didn't come back.

Title: Search for people, places and things
Summary: The space between 3/19, 5:47pm, and 3/20, 1:11am.

Title: I wish I could scream myself awake
Word Count: 2,437
Summary: 5:37pm: It’s been five days and I can’t believe this is real. I changed your passwords today, because I don’t want anyone else messing around on your account, not even your mom. I still keep thinking that if someone had to go young, it was supposed to be me, not you. Not you.

Title: Details of Incident
Word Count: 312
Summary: On Tuesday, March 19, 2013 @2110 hrs the City of Cincinnati Police received a report that a vehicle had impacted with the guard rail in the area of 2477 Ohio River Scenic Byway.

Title: Now that I come to fall
Word Count: 1,284
Summary: Wash away, he thinks. Just wash away.

Title: Produce Name/Aisle/Bin
Summary: Ikea Bolingbrook, 750 E Boughton Road, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Title: My Special One
Word Count: 817
Summary: 10:45am: After I get out of bed, that is. I didn’t even set an alarm today, so I’m just lying in bed. Usually I send you messages from my laptop but I’m lying in bed right now.

Title: One Last Time, One Last Fight
Summary: Downloadable playlist

Title: Shake off some shame
Word Count: 2,311
Summary: Dear Puck,

I know the text didn’t say much. This postcard doesn’t say much, either. I’m sorry I had to leave. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you in person, but I think you would’ve stopped me and I didn’t want to be stopped. I’ll be ok.


Title: Mailing Box
Word Count: 120
Summary: Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah. Love, Mom.

Title: Tunnel vision lights my way
Word Count: 2,104
Summary: Puck feels like he’s living in a movie’s opening sequence.

Title: As the moon hung proud and bright
Word Count: 4,415
Summary: It's probably a good thing he doesn't have his drink yet.

Title: 500 Ft.
Summary: Routes to scale.

Title: When I fall asleep I can see your face
Word Count: 2,774
Summary: “This is the best day.”

Title: General Account Settings
Summary: Current:
Retype new:

Title: It was you breathless and tall
Word Count: 3,645
Summary: He slips out of bed at five before eight, whispering to a still-sleeping Finn that he’s going to start breakfast.

Title: We'll Pick You Up(tm)
Summary: Mileage is unlimited in the continental US.

Title: It's not hard to live like a ghost
Word Count: 2,147
Summary: Puck spends those ten minutes looking around the Lima Bean like he’s planning to rob it later.

Title: Hundreds of lives, thousands of years
Word Count: 7,774
Summary: He texts the number he hasn’t called since March, Carole’s, with the simple message Coming to your house. Important.

Title: Like • Comment
Summary: View all 22 comments.
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