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The Same Old Song About Mexico
Title: The Same Old Song About Mexico [Pinn & Kinn Big Bang 2013]
Author(s): patchfire & raving_liberal
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Pinn
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Warnings: Implied drugging and kidnapping, untranslated homophobia, bad Spanish
Spoilers: Some events of s4
Word Count: 39,000
Summary: Finn and Puck wake up in the desert with bare feet, almost $10K in their pockets, and no memory of how they got... wherever it is they are. With the hot sun beating down on their backs, surrounded by buzzards, and cursing Mr. Schue for his poor Spanish education, Puck and Finn make the laborious trek across the sand to the tiny village shimmering in the distance. Luckily, a few large bills make it easier to treat sunsickness. The lovesickness is a little harder.

The Same Old Song About Mexico by patchfire & raving_liberal
Digital Art by kidenagain
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